From Communication Arts, interview with Anne Telford

An article from Communication Arts with the great Anne Telford. The morning Anne came to the studio, there had been a semi-catastrophic flood and I was a little distracted. After she left I realized how much of her time I wasted talking about my plumbing - the next day, she was kind enough to do the whole interview over and I think we were able to have a much better conversation, and a lot more fun.  

The morning Jonathan Gold visited our food class at Art Center College of Design.


Our hearts are broken tonight. Last month Jonathan Gold came to the class I teach with my wife. Lisa had always wanted to invite him and I thought it would be amazing but didn’t think there was any way he would say yes. Lisa knew better, and contacted him, and he said yes right away and came and spoke with us for almost 3 hours. You couldn’t hope to meet someone more generous, smart, or knowledgeable about food, art, LA, and on and on. We are so fortunate that we had that morning with him, and so sad knowing there will never be another. If you don’t know his writing — please look it up. If you haven’t seen City of Gold — watch it. And if you can make your way to some of his favorite restaurants — go and eat and drink and eat some more.